My Story

"TekCare is an outcome of situations I faced when I was miles away from parents in India. When, I got posted with an MNC in South East Asia, I was frequently reminded of their staying alone in India.

I used to be worried about their well-being and safety and how I'll be unable to respond in-case some adverse event, as I was several hours away. It offered little comfort that I would have to depend on relatives and friends forever.

After returning to India I was determined to help people in similar situations. It took two years of patience and dedicated effort to develop a concept that we love to offer to our own friends and relatives. We call it TekCare.

TekCare is a combination of Technology and Care supported with on-ground services viz. secure home solutions, healthcare experts or response services to swing into action to prevent adverse events and act in-case of emergencies.

It makes me less worried about my Parents in India. Period!"

Yours truly